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My entire career has been rooted in design: both architectural and graphical. My decision to enroll in GA’s UXDi program seemed like the next logical step to continue my design education.

I’ve always enjoyed the problem solving and experiential aspects of architecture, but was discouraged by how long and political the building process can be. I felt that graphic design had the visual design component that wasn’t as prevalent in architecture, but I missed the research and reasoning that architecture provided. It wasn’t until I stumbled across UX that I realized that these seemingly different professions could be combined.


Going through this program further reiterated how right this career change was for me. Being in a field where research and design are equally as important has made me a stronger designer, and makes me so excited to begin a career in UX. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

When I'm not designing you can find me hiking, traveling, drinking chai tea, painting, at a Giants game, or (attempting to) make friends with cats.